About Us

16 Plumb 02Jan Charles Plumb, president of Plumb Custom Homes, is a second-generation general contractor. As a carpenter, Jan attended architectural school and through this education and his father’s apprenticeship he learned the art of construction management and developed an eye for creating aesthetically pleasing structures. Jan eventually obtained a MBA with a real estate emphasis and a MS degree in Managerial Psychology.

Jan’s formal education, 35 years of hands-on experience as a general contractor and real estate broker, and his tenacious attention to detail and quality are evident in all the homes built by Plumb Custom Homes.

To provide personal attention to detail, Plumb Custom Homes limits construction to two or three homes per year. Ranging in price from moderate to multimillion dollar properties, each home represents a great value.

Education, experience, attention to detail and value are the hallmarks of homes constructed by Plumb Custom Homes.